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Easy-to-use high-quality collaboration

Designed with you in mind

Nikmati pengalaman kolaborasi yang mudah digunakan, berbasis sentuhan, dan berkualitas tinggi. Cisco Webex Board mengintegrasikan alat paling umum yang dibutuhkan untuk kolaborasi tim di ruang pertemuan fisik menjadi satu perangkat elegan.

Connect virtual teams through the app

Anda dapat menyimpan semua yang Anda buat di Webex Board di cloud dan mengaitkannya dengan ruang virtual. Anggota tim dapat menggunakan aplikasi Tim Cisco Webex untuk mengetahui di mana mereka tinggalkan di ruang fisik dan terus bekerja di mana saja.

Virtual teams can collaborate anywhere

Webex Board anticipates the teams'

Intelligently anticipates your needs

Papan Webex secara otomatis bangun ketika Anda memasuki ruangan. Ini mendeteksi perangkat yang didukung aplikasi Tim Webex Anda dan menyarankan aktivitas, seperti panggilan, papan tulis, atau berbagi presentasi Anda secara nirkabel.

Technology for natural experiences

Kamera 4K yang kuat menangkap gambar resolusi tinggi, sudut lebar hampir seluruh ruangan. Array 12-mikrofon menghasilkan suara yang jernih, jernih, secara otomatis memperkuat dan memodulasi suara sehingga semua peserta rapat terdengar hebat.

Technology-enhanced audio and calling experience

Whiteboard with your entire team—local and remote

Buat papan tulis dengan mudah di Papan Webex atau melalui aplikasi Tim Webex. Nikmati papan tulis dua arah, cubit / perbesar dan banyak lagi.

Product Overview


Cisco Webex Room OS, provisioned and updated automatically by the Cisco Webex service in the cloud


Fully integrated unit is delivered with:

  • Multi-touch 85-inch LED display
  • 4K camera
  • 12-microphone array
  • Speakers
  • White boarding pen


  • Direct LED LCD – 85-inch 4K, 300 nits, 16:9
  • Viewing angle: +- 89 degrees (all directions)
  • Number of colors: 1.07 billion (10-bit)
  • Contrast: 1:4000
  • Response time: 6.5 ms

User interface

  • Capacitive touch
  • Protective glass with optical bonding
  • Multi-touch

Inputs and outputs

  • HDMI input
  • Home button
  • 3.5-mm mini jack audio out (line out)
  • USB-C (future use)
  • USB micro (service)

Camera overview

  • Fixed lens, infinite focus
  • F-value: 2.8
  • 4Kp60
  • Horizontal field of view (HFOV): 83 degrees
  • Vertical field of view (VFOV): 55 degrees
  • Camera mounted tilted: -25 degrees

Audio system

  • 12-element microphone array (with intelligent voice tracking)
  • Integrated voice-optimized speakers


  • Ethernet (RJ-45) 100/1000 Mbps
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n; 802.11ac (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • IPv4 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) / static
  • IPv6 (both static and stateless address auto-configuration)
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • HTTP(S) proxy support (for signaling, not media)
  • Inspecting TLS proxy supported
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
  • 802.1X network authentication (passphrase or X.509 client certificate)
  • 802.1Q virtual LAN
  • 802.1p (Quality of Service [QoS] and Class of Service [CoS])

User controls

  • Control Cisco Webex Board directly from the touchscreen or using a Cisco Webex Teams app-enabled personal device

Language support

  • English, Spanish, German, French, French Canadian, Portuguese, Japanese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Latin American Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Turkish
  • Additional languages to be supported in future software release

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

  • 48.1 x 77.4 x 3 in (1221 x 1966 x 76 mm)


  • 220 lbs (100 kg)

Physical dimensions and weight of packaging (H x W x D)

Cisco Webex Board and the selected mounting option will be shipped in a consolidation pack on a pallet.

  • Consolidated package (with pallet) size: 61.4 x 87.5 x 25.2 in (1559 x 2223 x 640 mm)
  • Shipping weight:
    • With floor stand: 514 lbs (233 kg)
    • With wall stand: 470 lbs (213 kg)
    • With wall mount: 439 lbs (199 kg)

Spare options:

Main unit (spare)

  • Package size (with pallet): 61.4 x 87.5 x 25.2 in (1559 x 2223 x 640 mm)
  • Unit with transport frame weight: 254 lbs (115 kg)
  • Shipping weight: 414 lbs (188 kg)

Wall-mount kit (spare)

  • Package size: 8.6 x 76.4 x 3.5 in (218 x 1940 x 89 mm)
  • Product weight: 20 lbs (9 kg)
  • Shipping weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)

Floor stand (spare)

  • Package size: 47.2 x 64.4 x 6.2 in (1200 x 1636 x 157 mm)
  • Product weight: 77.1 lbs (35 kg)
  • Shipping weight: 90 lbs (41 kg)

Wall stand (spare)

  • Package size: 13.2 x 75.9 x 6.6 in (336 x 1928 x 168 mm)
  • Product weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)
  • Shipping weight: 51 lb (23 kg)


  • Autosensing power supply
  • 100-240V AC, 50 to 60 Hz
  • Power consumption (maximum 4.6A)
    • Standby: 41 Watts
    • Idle or in use: 352 Watts

System management

  • Cisco Webex Board is managed in the administrator portal in Cisco Webex, giving system status and overview, activation, configuration, metrics, and troubleshooting.

Operating temperature and humidity

0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F) at relative humidity 10% to 90% (noncondensing)

Video inputs

  • 1 HDMI for local presentation or sharing in meetings
  • Supports formats up to a maximum 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Frame rate of 60 fps for up to 1080p and 30 fps for 2160p
  • Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)

Presentation capabilities

Local presentation up to 4K; Audio over HDMI

Live video resolutions (encode/decode) – main video and presentation sharing

Main video:

  • Up to 1920 x 1080@30 (HD1080p)

Presentation sharing:

  • Up to 1920 x 1080@30 (HD1080p)

Audio features

  • High-quality 20-kHz audio
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Active lip synchronization
  • Microphone array with intelligent voice-tracking capabilities
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